Newsflash: I'm An Extrovert

I know, I know. Shocking to all of you. I’ve wanted to be Cher my entire life, or Carrol Burnett. Ever nervous being the center of attention? Not me. So when this pandemic descended on our culture and society, and home isolation became a rapid reality, I was a bit nervous. Would I be able to handle it? My husband, who is tailor-made for isolation, craves it and loves nothing more than avoiding humanity. I need conversation and face to face interaction. But something odd has happened over the past few weeks. I’m learning about a new side of myself, I can cook. Yes, it’s official and has been verified by my husband, who is puzzled by this blizzard of new recipes and concoctions. Yet, I’m also learning I can not only deal with isolation, but I can also use it to my advantage and actually…. wait for it….enjoy it. It is impossible to forget people are suffering, and I don’t want to be cavalier about that reality. But I’ve learned that I can look at this as an opportunity to be productive, and more importantly, I owe it to myself to be just that, productive. There is an endless amount of material to learn, histories to understand and creative risks to take. Now is the time. I’m setting a goal to share with you interesting and challenging new ideas, I will explore my vast library and the endless online resources I can finally dive into without distraction. I hope that all of you are holding fast, staying healthy and safe, and looking towards a bright future. 


  • Amy.. love the new look.. You look marvelous darling.. Are you guys living in SF full time now? If all is well to get on a plane ✈️ I will be on SF 7/22-8/4. My BFF lives there.. where is your studio.. Hope we can visit.. 💕💕

    Toby S. 💃🏻
  • We all wanna be Cher! Good job. I look for the more of the posts.

    Melanie McWhorter
  • Love your attitude Amy! Keep up the spirit.

    Damian Strohmeyer

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