Transition In The Time Of Covid


Much has been said about change and the challenges and choices that come with this reality. We also hear “Change is good,” but mostly by those unaffected by it. Perhaps transition is a better idea to focus on. Here in New Mexico we see fall fade to winter, but not before putting up a fight. Wild swings in temperature, days of snow followed by days of sun as we shed, then add layer after layer. Treetops and ridgelines dipped in color, then suddenly bare as winter makes a play for dominance. We know the transition will soon be over as the days grow short and the nights come early.

 I wish I could say we are transitioning out of COVID, but based on the numbers, we are still a long way from resolution. Because of this we continue to learn the rules of our new normal. Humans adapt, we always have, and this is no different. Challenges abound for big and small. Government relief packages, transit battles and even the major brands have to reshape success and even survival. This applies to us small business owners as well. Little did I know when starting Aymala Studio what was waiting around the bend.

 It would be easy to pack up and shut down, waiting for a better day, but this isn’t me and it’s not us. If a transition is required, then that is what we will do, and in fact, that is what we have always done. For me personally, this meant thinking about what is most needed and most practical. Our new friend, the face masks; fabrics and straps, simple, and yet artists worldwide have turned this new accessory into artwork. Blazes of color, designs, styles, including the flag of each and every land. But I saw a glaring gap in our new relationship. Where do we put our new friend when not in use or between uses?

 I noticed masks dangling from ears, stuffed in pockets, hanging from stick shifts and tied to backpacks. I also saw many littering the narrow streets of Santa Fe, lost in the shuffle to cover then uncover. So, I made yet another small transition from creating straight adornment pieces to creating jewelry that serve multiple purposes. My new face mask holder lanyards, work as both strategic strap and stylized bling to remind us we are down but not out. Yes, we need to wear a mask but we can also share beauty while doing so. This might seem like a small pivot, a small contribution but when all of us work together to find the joys and the beauty, that is all it takes, as we forge ahead. 

Be safe Be healthy Be happy




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  • So great to keep transitioning your craft!

    Ellen Goff

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