What’s in a name.....Kawadler?



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What’s in a name.....Kawadler? How do you say it? How do you spell it? Yes, I’ve been hearing these questions my entire life. Sadly, I’ve also been hearing these same questions with my business name and this is what brings us here today. It felt so right, Aymala Studio, but I should have learned my lesson. I tried to find a name that had meaning and connection, but I never truly took into account the phonetic hurdle I was asking people to climb.

So, after two years of trying to force it, I knew I needed to make a change. After sharing my frustration with a very smart friend, she leaned over and said, “Let’s work on a rebrand.” And later that day “Adorn•Reborn” was born.

I should have shared this in my last post about our van travels, so apologies to those who were confused by my last email. Just know, it’s still me and I’m still “giving new life to old treasures” only this time under a new, "easy to spell and say" business name.

I want to thank all of you, not just for bearing with me during this crazy chapter, but also for being a part of my life. Oftentimes, as I sit in the studio creating; I am thinking of you. I’m thinking of our relationships, conversations, and histories together. These thoughts provide flickers of truth, direction and, inspiration; it makes me feel like we are in this world together, walking toward an unknown yet wonderful future.

And if you too have a tricky last name, well, just know I feel your pain. Enjoy the holidays and stay well from Adorn Reborn….;) 

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