What is the most difficult day of the year for you?



What is the most difficult day of the year for you? Christmas? Thanksgiving? Anniversary? Birthday? For me, it’s Mother’s Day. Yes, everyone writes to me “You need to post about your jewelry for Mother’s Day.” “It is the last time when people buy jewelry for their mother until the holidays.” Okay, okay, okay.

I have been in the studio creating new pieces while playing all the music my mother loved, channeling her, all month, each and every day. I am participating in several upcoming, juried art fairs, so my production is ramping up. Consequently, my mind and ears are filled with memories of mom. I hear her voice urging me to “make it beautiful, make it fun, make it interesting.” With her direction I move forward with my creations, delighted by the process.

When I pause I create dialogue with her, private conversations when it feels like she is here with me. “Arline,” I say. “You would be proud, and I wish you were here to see.” “I have my tribe that loves and supports my efforts, and that is the next best thing to you being here.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in my life, especially my sister, who is the greatest mom in the world.



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