Thank you In The Time Of Covid


As we enter the first weeks of the year 2021, I find myself reflecting on a variety of things. Last year began with more personal change with three physical moves, experiencing full-time winter, and becoming a solo-preuner.  Building my business was challenging enough. Never did I imagine COVID was on the horizon and with it, a level of distress the entire world would have to endure. First came the halt, then came the pivot as millions, including me, scrambled to understand the science and the subsequent new norm of mask and isolation. Over the past nine months, I’ve learned a few things. I learned to focus on what I could control, focus on what is truly important, and let go of the things I could not. 

At the top of my 2020 appreciation list is my family. My parents, no longer with us but in my thoughts on a daily basis, gave me a foundation and endless encouragement and I am certain would be doing the same today. “I like pretty,” my mother's mantra, and I’ve learned that even in times of COVID, there is still plenty of pretty all around us. My sister, uncles, nephews, nieces, and all my extended family were the guardrails that kept this social girl, engaged, entertained, and appreciative of what we have. And most of all the husband, my best friend, who rolled with it all, made it fun, but most important, made me laugh everyday.

Next up are my friends, both near and far, who supported me with walks, hikes, Zooms, and distanced gatherings even after the snow began to fall. My friends also helped with Aymala Studio, providing endless feedback, encouragement, direction, purchases, and yes, from time to time, a bit of tough love. You know who you are!  With that support and encouragement, I was able to give more; which led to a percentage of my profits going to both LifeLink and Native Elders. It’s without saying the millions of frontline essential workers in every industry and the medical personnel, who keep us safe every day, I am truly grateful.

As 2020 begins to dim and 2021 begins to glow, I hope that this note finds you safe, connected, creative, and happy. There is a promise on the horizon, and with this promise comes hope. I want to take a moment to say Thank you, Thank YOU. As a collective we are strong. Together is how we will endure and move on to a better tomorrow. 

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  • Thank you!!!! Words beautifully expressed and your very personality, perseverance and joy helped me through this past year! You are a champion of life’s changes; remembering Christmas in July 😂🎄
    Much love and wishes of peace to you and Dan ❤️


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