Travels In The Van With Dan and Adorn Reborn

It has been ages since I’ve written anything beyond thank-you-notes and my last newsletter was in the spring, but the past summer and fall have been quite an adventure that I would love to share with you.

When I learned my uncle might be selling his cottage in Maine, where Daniel and I got married, I knew we needed to hop in the van and head east, and on July 11th, we did just that.  Avoiding the interstate and sticking to the smallest roads possible, we powered our way across mid-America, before finally landing along the rocky coast of Maine. The small roads provided us the opportunity to go slow, explore, and see the nooks and crannies of our great nation. Taking the back roads also allowed me to peruse antique malls, swap meets, flea markets, estate sales, and a range of other locales where I discovered plenty of jewelry flavored treasures. 

Maine blueberry pie We also spent time with friends, walking lavender farms in Pennsylvania, paddling our origami canoe, fireworks on the Long Island sound, visiting Niagara Falls and so much more.  We befriended strangers, spent time with family and observed, as best we could, this place called America. We endlessly cleaned bugs off the windshield, sang karaoke to bad 70s ballads, and lots of word games.  Once in Maine, we went after the greatest hits, lobster, fried clams, steamas, and blueberry pie, but not necessarily in that order, and I admit, we had all of these items more than once.  

Canoeing Long Island Sound

They say that art takes space. Space away from the confines of production and consumption and a long road trip provides just that. Sure, the van is small and you might want to think twice about who you travel with and Danno has proven his worth, but once those decisions are made you simply aim and go. The world opens up when you allow it to and regardless of current affairs, it's not only not ending; it’s spinning at high speed, sprinkling delights and adventures in all directions. Carpe Diem 


  • Envy is all I can say…wish I could just go someplace other than in my imagination. But new website and book project are a lift. More soon. LOLisl

    Lisl Dennis
  • Amy and Dan,
    Continue living your dreams and sharing those dreams with family and friends.
    Loved reading about your trip…especially lobster, fried clams and blueberry pie!
    Happy Thanksgiving…love you,

    Stan Godoff
  • Where in Me? I am in Castine on Penobscot Bay June – October
    Come see me

    flora marvin

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